It seems President Trump is in a tirade following his Labor Day address, which was really more of a campaign speech. They are very hard to distinguish these days as most everything that comes out of his mouth has completely blurred the lines between what was considered common practice and separation from the job and office of the President and what is campaigning.

Signing up and registering his campaign on inauguration day in 2016, the earliest an American president has done, announced from the very beginning how he would be governing. Essentially, seeking the next office before we could even see what he’s done with this first term.

I think many of my friends would agree. We’ve seen enough. Please restore true democratic principles to this office. We want a President that governs all. Who doesn’t spend four solid years attempting to tear down the other party but rather a President who lifts up all of us and reminds us that we’re a United States of America. That’s my wish. Just for an end to the divisiveness. I know it comes from both sides, but no one has ever told more lies in office than the current holder. It’s time for him to go.