I’m still working on my book. The title above is not the title of the book, but it’s sort of my working title. I’m reminded that if happiness is found in being satiated where one is in life. This isn’t always easy for folks that feel as though they are living in scaricity. But so many of us are well enough along. Some people in life experience set backs in their physical abilities or mental health challenges. Some of us are born into family circumstances which are less resource rich than others.

I don’t pretend that everyone should simply declare themselves happy without actually feeling so. That being said, for many of us, we do have folks in our lives who care for us and support us. We have people who are cheering for our succcess. We managed to eat something today. We sleep with some manner of roof over our head. In short. Our basic needs are met.

Truthfully, it’s not likely my ‘wants’ will never be met. There will always be something more that my mind will convince me that I need to be ‘happier’. It’s not likely more square footage, or one more vehicle is likely to add to the quality of my life. Wishful thoughts about physical attributes I’ll never have are a waste of both time and energy. It serves me better to be happy for those who do have those attributes rather than having envy about them. In all honesty I’ve known people who could only be described as beautiful. People who were talented. Folks who had all the resources one would think would lead to a life of leisure and happiness. Sadly, some of them are no happier than the average person without those supposed advantages. So, if happiness is truly and inside job, I choose to be so.

Part of this is to accept my life, and lot in life as it is. By all assessments it’s wonderful. I’m talented, intelligent, kind, considerate towards others, have a passion for alturisitic endeavors and lessening the suffering of others. In many of those efforts I’ve succeeded.

There can be no greater calling or better measure of a persons success. I hope you’re successful in what you endeavor to bring about your happiness