would seem weird to describe people of faith that way wouldn’t it? Yet for some, this seems a perfectly reasonable way of describing others. Claiming others suffer from some variance of your own way is a great strategy to undermine their humanity. The cherry on this concoction of superiority is the quick addition of ‘not.. that there’s anything wrong with that… or not that I’m phobic or bigotted’.

Any statement that begins with disclaimer like that, or a variance thereof, almost certainly will have something phobic or biggoted following. In this particular article we have an educated young man who appears to have a problem with a drag show on campus. I too am outraged at this. No one should be bound, hearded like cattle and forced to attend a function against their will. It’s in humane, it’s not fair, it’s not.. what? Oh. It’s not the case. Oh, it appears he wasn’t forced to participate. My bad.

Part of an education – a good education be it at a Catholic University or otherwise heathenistic institution is learning to coexist in a world much larger than just the Vatican. We can claim others don’t exist, but that doesn’t make it so. So, what’s the next best thing? Dehumanize them with claims that they ‘suffer’ from some malady which makes them different, weird, abnormal or “heretical”. (sort of conjurs up images of drag queens with their heads spinning 360 degrees doesn’t it?)

Judging an entire category of people based on the actions of some is unjust. By any law. Be it man-made or otherwise. Imagine considering Catholicism the religion which promotes, avows and encourages pedophilia because there are some.. ok many, Priests who have engaged in this behavior.

And, starting off a statement of saying that (all) Catholics are pedophiles by disavowing my hatred of catholics by saying “not that I’m Catholiphobic or anything… but” doesn’t detract that the statement that all Catholics are pedophiles is my underlying agenda. Trying to convince you of my way of thinking from a point of view of rightiousness begins with calling out what I see, disavowing that I have other motives, oh and making you less than a child of God born under the same Creator helps too.

Lord Jesus, protect me from your followers…