On the look out… for a 1960s convertible is both fun and challenging. We’ll be searching high and low in Reno this weekend at Hot August Nights.

If you haven’t been, then just know we’re talking about the largest or second largest car gathering in the nation. (Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit Michigan being the other).

So the adventure begins. Kicking tires, prodding under hoods, peaking under the carpet in the trunk for signs of the dreaded.. rust. And all of it, worth it. After all – they aren’t going to make any more 1966 Bonneville convertibles right? Unfortunately, the price range is a big one. Anywhere from a few thousand dollars for a car in need of admission into the ICU and up. The biggest I’ve seen so far is $45k for showroom condition. We’re hoping to find something in between. Maybe in the $30k range that’s already restored and maybe only needs the most minor of tweaks. Such as the one pictured here, that has incorrect wheels. So wish us luck in our quest for the perfect 60s Pontiac convertible. I’ll let you know how it goes. My commission if I find it is I get a drive in a dream car.