Alrighty then…

Just when you thought you’d committed all of those ‘commandments’ to memory, along comes the head of your religious organization to say that there’s really 9. Or, is it that there’s 10, but one with an astrisk? Or is that there’s 9 ‘Commandments’ and 1 If-It’s-Convenients?

I get this all confused. And you can see why… I’ve been under some serious mis-impressions of Christianity and what it’s teachings are. I mis interpreted the teachings of Christ and the notion of love, tolerance, patience and understanding of others. Silly me.

If President Bush, wants to wage a war on “Extremists”, he seek no further than the boundaries of Maine, North Dakota, Florida or Hawaii. They are right here in our midst. Or perhaps he meant in recent statements that “Extremism” as euphemism for “Non-Christian”. Because certainly you can’t call the Reverend Robertsons latest rallys non-extreme.

But, then again.. I did have that problem of the afforementioned mis-intepretation. Duh.