Random Car
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I had..

a great day today. I met alot of people and they are amazing. Today I met a gentleman who had a linens business and cried when he told me the story of how all his linens are moldy. His roof caved in and asked me if I could come over today and help him tarp his roof. He’s by himself since his family is still in Houston and unfortunately I had a line of folks waiting to see me, I wished I could have helped Kevin, but I referred him to a team of New York Firefighters that were nearby and promised they’d help him get some help.

I also met a really great Greek lady who was very thankful that I spoke very slowly and highlighted the areas for her on all her forms. Her husband is sick and he’s the one who manages her finances and she was terrified to come in because she doesn’t understand their family business. She’s going to try and come back with him when he’s better.

I also met a man who’s tragic story was that he had almost finished his dream home on the gulf. It was going to be his retirement home and he’d saved to pay cash for it, so that it was going to be a mortgage free retirement. Unfortunately because he hadn’t moved into it yet, it’s considered a second home and there’s no relief offered for him. He cried too. Has construction insurance but only up to $100k but his home was much more than that.. It’s a shame.

Hope you are all well. This picture of a random vehicle are like many on the streets. Just sitting, windows busted out and tires flat.