Signs like these are all over. This one, the patrons were nice enough to leave their well wishes to their favorite dining establishment…

A woman named Mildred came in today. She didn’t qualify for a loan because she only makes $600 a month. She sat quietly as I explained this to her. Her smile never left her face. (I never take such news without at least a scowl). When I wrapped up explaining that I was referring her to FEMA for a grant, because of her low income.. she broke a smile just long enough to inquire if they’d please give her enough money to pay for tree removal. Her large tree, that had been big, even when she was a little girl had fallen on her neighbors home and that’s what she was most worried about. She liked her life-long neighbor and felt bad that her tree had crushed their house. She didn’t know what to do. Her son usually dealt with such things, but he had stayed through the hurricane to guard against looters and died in the flood.

I’m doing well. I have no complaints, I hope all of you are well too! I miss you.