Well. I have some catching up to do, don’t I? I have had to put some of reporting on hiatus because there was much secretive going on in my life and I didn’t want certain prying noses to peak on here and find out what I was really up to. In retrospect, that might have made the perfect ruse to cover my tracks.. but I hadn’t the time nor did I think that far ahead.

Let me start by telling you what I’m even talking about! On April 2nd, Sunday Rob and I had a wedding. It was fantastic, but in true Christopher form – I had to do something with a twist, over the top and with some spontenaity. So, it was a ‘surprise’ wedding. I know, I know. I’ve already heard it from my family, from the florist, from the caterer, from the tuxedo place… ‘I’ve never heard of a surprise wedding’.

The idea came to me back in November when Rob and I discussed his 40th Birthday Party. He said he wanted something where all his friends.. recovery, co-workers, family, longtime friends could come together. The best way I could think of to make that happen AND provide some level of embarassment to Rob was to dream up a day where I could propose to him in front of all his friends and family and then have a ceremony. It took some doing!!

Firstly I had to bring the family onboard and swear everyone to secrecy. To the credit of my wonderful family – they were invovled from the very beginning and offered to do whatever was necessary to help out. Rob’s family too was pleased to be part of the affair and were planning on coming from Ohio and Michigan…

But – before I tell the whole story.. I’ll leave some for the next installment! Thanks for your patience – if you’ve been checking my site wondering what happened to me and my postings! I look forward to hearing from you.