It’s going to get very crowded very soon. Senator Obama will probably be announcing right after the New Year. Hillary hasn’t ‘formerly’ announced yet either. But, the question still remains. Who will the republicans put forward? Almost certainly it will be America’s Mayor, Gulliani. While he may be a formidable candidate, hopefully people will look at all the candidates full resumes rather than basing decisions strictly along party lines and celebrity image. I still think the dream ticket (at least as of this writing) is a Clinton/Obama combination. (Actually they could be flipped either way, but Hillary’s ego would never have her as VP).

So, here’s Evan Bayh announcing his exploratory committee. And, he has something Barak doesn’t have, which is a record. He has a substantiated record of leadership and success. I hope that people look at him closer than they might otherwise, given the star draw of some of the other candidates. Though he doesn’t have the name recognition, or elicit the oos or awws of some of the other candidates, he does have the experience of being a legislator and a Governor. I wish him luck. It’s going to get busy.