Oxidized Bad
Originally uploaded by ChristopherSolis.

We’re preparing for the move to Texas. I had to get new tires and once my truck was off the ground with the tires removed, even I had to admit. How ugly this thing is.

Oh sure. Just under the oxidized exterior lies some potential but right now? Mmph. Just ugliness. That’s ok. From this view you can see the worst of it. The hood is seriously oxidized and the sides of the truck are poor too. The clearcoat is peeling so some spots are shiny, others are unbelievably dull.

Can’t drive all that way without new tires and of course, looking at the rack of bling-shoes, i.e. RIMS – I thought hmm. What would it look like if we went from these fugly stock 14″ Dakota ‘sport’ wheels to these glam-look-at-me-18″-chrome-beacons?

Answer: A little like an ugly stepsister wearing cinderella’s slipper, but here’s the start of potential becoming reality. We’ll see.