On the 4th Day of Austin, Our Adventure Brought To Us… la la.. isn’t that how the song goes? This is a picture of a friendly Austin Police officer. This one we were happy to see. The wheel was knocking on Barnett which is a major street, like Watt Avenue in Sacramento.

When I came to a stop, the wheel fell off!! Uh oh. The officer was nice and diverted traffic for us, he also found the only lug nut (the locking one) that was holding the wheel on.

As of this writing the truck is at the Farr Stone (That’s Firestone for you and I) finding out whether the wheel locked up or if someone tried to lift my wheel last night and got discouraged by the wheel lock, or heaven forbid – someone doesn’t like California plates and was trying to send us a ‘go home yankee’ or would that be.. um go home California Yankee.. message.

So until we find out what the story is, we found a ride back to the Hotel Bailey’s and we sit here in air conditioned relief waiting for the next chapter in our adventure.

I hope you’re doing well! We consider ourselves very very grateful. This incident could have happened at highway speed, or even worse, at highway speed on the span between El Paso and San Antonio. If that had been the case, I wouldn’t be sitting here updating my blog, I’d be spraying Polo cologne on myself to repel the coyotes to deter them from considering me food.

Take care and we’ll check in soon!!