Washer Light
Originally uploaded by ChristopherSolis.

When driving in the middle of the night and in the last 100 miles of a journey the flash of a warning light is enough to send a shiver through all the way to the ventricles of your heart.

Especially when trying to dodge roaming deer through the back roads of Texas. Knowing that if something happens at 1 in the morning you’d be absolutely helpless. I mean,how would I even relate to a tow truck where the hell I’m at??

“Go down past three doe’s and then the roadkill skunk. When you pass the abandoned gas station just three miles and you’re there!!”

So, when this light flashed out of the corner of my eye, All I can say is ..

Icy Cold.
I Want My Mommy.

But, thank goodness it was just washer fluid!! Rob and I laughed afterwards. It was no wonder we ran out of washer fluid. Trying to make sure we can see those deer we were using it every two seconds. One thing in Texas sure is bigger.. the BUGS!!