On the road. Solo this time. Driving from Sacramento to Austin, for the final time – in a planned while anyway. Kinda difficult this morning saying g’bye to the family and friends too. It hadn’t been up until now because I knew I was coming back. But obviously this time I knew I was going to be waving bye bye for the foreseeable future anyhow.

This is a picture of Austin, on the South First Street Bridge looking east, downriver.

I know it hasn’t been sunny there like in this picture, but it will be nice to arrive there just the same. Wrote a thank you note to the two roommates (Mark and Matty) and will miss those two. Right now I’m in the bay area at a coffee stop getting ready to get back on the road and head south. I know the Bay Area is WEST of Sacramento, but wanted to cruise along the ocean on my southward journey. I’ll keep you updated on where I’m at. Oh, and our new address:

5606 N. Lamar Blvd #233
Austin, TX 78751

Look forward to hearing from you.