Well… It could happen anywhere I suppose. So, it’s not necessarily indicative of Texas, Austin, or even our neighborhood. I think, it’s more likely however – when you live next to a high school. Everyday the little buggers, bless their fricken hearts, tramp through our apartment complex to the delight of.. of.. well no one actually.

And they spread their teen cheer amongst the masses, sometimes in indelible marking black felt pen.

I came out to find lovely poetic phrases all over the complex.. the dumpsters, the speed limit signs, my truck!

Originally this said “F… Studio”. Don’t know what that is. Perhaps it’s a hip-hop group, perhaps it’s someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend, who totally dissed them in geometry class. Or, maybe it’s someone who hates art class. (Small wonder based on this artistic piece).

I tested this product called “graffiti gone” on the IO in studio and stood back to see and this is what was left, so I took a pic. Anyway, it’s all buffed and waxed out now. But – I did gather some stares on the way to the detailer. Some of them admiringly.