We are in the week of Thanksgiving. I went to a new restaurant this week called Stix. It’s a kabob restaurant and it was pretty yummy. But they had Seitan on the menu. Gross. That is a wheat gluten product, with texture worse than tofu (I know. If you can imagine!).

Rob loves this stuff, but it correctly labeled ‘glue’ as in gluten. It’s sticky and yucky and will ruin your kitchen ware. Stay away from it! Lol.

Rob is not so sure about the roommate thing. Until the 1st of the month. Then, he’s all for it.

We had to take care of the yard. Well, for those who know me and my allergies – insert the royal ‘we’ here and know I really mean “Rob”. Anyways, we had to clean up the yard since it hadn’t been done in a while when the house was up for sale. It resulted in a lot of grass clippings. We placed them in bags out at the curb. Of course – and here’s where we rightfully earn the “we” – I asked are you sure that there isn’t a limit on these bags for pick up?

I guess not – they were gone when we came home from work. We had a birthday at work today, so I decided to bake a cake. I selected a butter pecan and chocolate – and what a good choice that was. It seems southerner’s love them some pecans. Wow.

It was like PECANS so – it was a hit. It was unfortunately mauled though and I’m glad I snapped a quick pic before it was demolished to the point of not even being recognizable as a cake.

Our friend Justin was having a bad day and locked his keys in his car. He’s sort of a younger guy with no autoclub or anything so I called triple A for him. They guy came out and opened up his car with something I hadn’t seen before. It was like an airbag device that pried the door open enough for him to jimmy the lock open with a hook. It was cool. I got a second opportunity to see this neat method just a few hours later, when he locked his keys in his car.. again.

So, now we call him Alicia (like keyes).

Also this week we welcomed a new addition to the household. His name is Mike and he’s our new roommate. Yah – it seems we’re still running a house for wayward boys – I know. We keep going around and around on this subject with me always winning. Not that Rob’s against the idea (at least not every first of the month – then he’s all for it!) But he was hoping we’d have the extra rooms as guest bedrooms/office.

However I was able to remind him we’re currently sitting on crates and staring out windows without drapes, etc. Furnishing the ‘guest bedrooms’ is about the lowest priority on my scale of important things right now and finally.. whew – he agreed.

So Mike is new from Florida and seems like we’ll get along fine. He reminds us of Mark, one of our favorite past roommates, so we’ve been calling him Mark 2.o or Two-Point for short. But… hmmm “Rob, don’t we have one more extra room?” I’ll start working on him now.

We have a new friend Chad who helped me last week do some decorating. We’ve all been having fun in Austin and can’t wait to travel to Houston this weekend for Thanksgiving.

We hope you’re doing well and let us know what you’re up to.