We’re back from Houston today after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. We saw some great friends we hadn’t seen in awhile and the road trip was a nice break from the daily routine of Austin and work.

Justin and Kristopher rode along and our friend Brian drove his own vehicle and we caravaned for the three hours from Austin to Houston. We arrived in plenty of time to find good seats and had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner courtesy of our hosts at the Lambda Center of Houston. What great folks!

We checked into the Doubletree and Alicia Dizzy was off and running!! I don’t think they’ve made a leash strong enough to hold Justin. He just likes to move.

The rest of the weekend was filled with great speakers, a fun movie and of course the Musical which was a good time (especially the ad libs!)

This picture of the dining room set was one that we saw at a local store. I really liked it, Rob’s reaction was “hmmph”.

I’m thinking we may be sitting our plates on our laps for a long time to come because we both have such strong ideas and they seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. Although our friend Eddie is going to be giving us a dining room table until we buy a new one.. so at least it beats a TV Tray.

Oh – and we went shopping the day after thanksgiving. Blech. I hate shopping when I know in advance I’m going to have to wade through crowds, but we only went to Macy’s in Houston and it wasn’t bad at all. I don’t think that’s good news for Macy’s though.

We stopped in Elgin on the way home and had barbeque but we weren’t convinced it was the best we’d had. Although the brisket was to die for and sausage was good – the sauce was just so so.

Who knew a Californian would become a critic of Texas BBQ sauce!!