Well – It’s Christmas time and we’ve been doing the usual. Staying busy trying to set up home – meetings – and work.

We’re getting ready to drive to the midwest for the holidays and I’ve been checking the 10 day forecast for the conditions in St. Louis and Michigan.


It’s going to be a slower drive than I thought. It’s looking pretty wet and cold and so that means we’ll be creeping along. But hopefully not so slow that we dont’ get there until new year!

Here’s a picture of Yoda in a stupid game I got sucked into the other day on the web. And our new roommate Johnny. He’s a nice guy and it is so (SO) easy to kick his *ss in Risk – that’s it not even believable. But – he’s got Mikey our other roommate advising him in strategy. Maybe he should find a new advisor!!

Here’s also a picture of Rob in our laundry day the other evening when we were at home and realized over half our towels are trashed! I think I know what we’ll use our gift certificate for Linens and Things for (thanks Mom, Rocki & John, Peter & Gina!)

And we dined at whole foods on Sunday. Ahem. Ok – I like whole foods. It’s a great place with lots of selection of healthy tasty items. But there’s a reason some folks call it whole paycheck. I had an order of sushi, a salad & a cranberry drink. Total? $19.35. Wholly cow! I’ve spent less on dinner at a restaurant. But, at least we had the birds to watch. They fluff up and dive into the stream to take a bath and boy are they loud too. But, it was a beautiful day.