Alright. I know you’re thinking. Sure, the Big FOUR O. Nice try Christopher. Didn’t you already already reach that milestone, like – 10 years ago? No no.

I’m talking about the big 40 POUNDS. I hit that mark today. My goal as many of you know is to lose 100 pounds by July 2009. So, I’m on track I think to do that. I’m getting some more saline this week and that should help because it’s taken me three weeks to go from 38 lbs to 40lb weight loss.

So, we’ve kind of leveled off. But that’s ok, we’re still headed in the right direction and they said this would happen!

The birthday is coming up this month and I can’t believe time marches on. Here’s some fun looks I’ve held over the years. So you can see, I’m not the same person I always was. Yet, there’s something familiar that carries on from year to year.

I’m blessed to have my health, a great group of friends, and a wonderful family. Just thought I’d share that with you this Sunday afternoon.

Oh and “IT” happened today. Someone mentioned the UT Tower at campus was aglow in orange and I immediately turned and said, “that’s because we won! We beat UTEP 42-13!” And, then I caught myself. I “knew” the score of a game! Oh, shit. I’m becoming one of THEM. Yikes. (Go Longhorns)

Oh, the fun pictures I got from a website called Fun stuff, try it out.

Be well – happy Sunday.