I had a very nice time this year visiting friends in Houston.

It was a good time, but of course Rob was in California with our family – so that would have been nice too. I had used up my vacation in my surgery, so I wasn’t able to venture west this time.

But, I am looking forward to going that way in February.

It’s going to be great fun. In the meantime it’s getting cold here. Yesterday it was 77 degrees, today is like 57. Big drop! And, I’ll survive but I prefer the warm weather any day. Pictured above are friends I traveled from Austin with. Left to right, Shefonda, Resta, Jessica and FaLisha. We mostly stayed off each others nerves and some moments were more successful than others but remember, close quarters does that to even the best of friends right?

Looking forward to gettting the Christmas tree this weekend and starting a painting project in the next couple of weeks. I’m sure the house will look totally different!

Hello and greetings from Austin –> Christopher