It’s Friday morning and it’s dark and spooky outside. I had to turn the lights off to get the picture outside my office window, because it’s so dark – all you could see was the reflection of the glass!

Over 3,000 lightening strikes over Texas in the last hour. It’s wet outside.

Tomorrow I’m walking/running in a 5k. I know. Shut up – right?

Me – exercise? Two words that don’t traditionally go together. But, it’s a fundraiser for the Students in Recovery on campus, and I agreed some time ago that I would go. And, after all – a commitment is just that right?

I’m also at 187 on the scale which brings me to just 7 pounds to my next milestone goal of a 100 lb. weight loss. So, that’s a good development. I just had an adjustment last week to the band, and I’m back to an 8cc fill. I had scaled back to 7.5 when I went to California and Michigan so that I could fly (and land) comfortably and not be as queasy when I arrived. It was nice stepping down to 7.5cc but in a period of 6-weeks, I didn’t lose a single pound! Of course, I didn’t gain any either – but after consistent loss, it was a little discouraging to see the scale remain the same, day after day. But, the loss has started again, and my goal is to lose the next 7 pounds in 4 weeks. Should be easy right? We’ll see.

I’ve been struggling a little bit with having to step back to liquids for a while. The solid food just isn’t settling very well – but it’s a temporary thing.

We have a big weekend ahead (when don’t we). We’re doing dinner with friends on Saturday night and my new friend Daniel is having his friends from Houston. They are looking forward to meeting Rob and I as he has told them so much about us, and we’re glad to meet new folks.

I’m sure it’ll rain during the run tomorrow, but I guess I’ll bring an umbrella. I’m not so worried about my time, so I guess if it turns into a stroll in the rain, that should be fine right? I’ve been Twittering and Facebooking more than blogging these days, but I’m not ready to give up on the blog (like you Mr. Rob) – so I’ll just have dedicate myself more to taking a moment to sit down and write a thought or two. How can I expect you to tell me what’s going on with you, if I haven’t been willing to share?

I hope this latest note finds you well and I get to hear from you or see you soon. The hail has just started falling but it doesn’t appear to be golf ball size, so I think we’ll be ok. Take care!