I’ve kept mostly quiet about the whole Miss California versus Perez Hilton. Mostly because it’s just two kinda queens battling out views in the media and I don’t think either of them does a very good job of representing their constituencies or communities.

I wish Perez would just shut up and go away. He’s inarticulate, ignorant, and a fame seeker of the largest magnitude. His main claim to fame is a blog site that is just a venue of gossip and really, who cares?

Miss California – well, one only need to hear her open her mouth to draw a conclusion.

So now that Miss California has appeared in different states of undress, the battle heats up. Was this before her boob job? Or, after? Was she 17 or was she 18? Are the pictures too revealing for the today show? Does all this line up with her spokesperson status for the religious right? (Click on the title of the blog to link to the news story)

Blah, Blah, Blah.

Ok, now I wish both of them would just shut up and go away. Perez: You may have had a make over so your hair is prettier, but everything that comes out of your mouth is still ugly. And, you don’t represent my community. So, please throw a disclaimer on what you say because people presume you’re like every-gay-man. And, you are not.

Miss California: You can claim Christian morales and high ground if you want. But, really – by my estimation anyone who takes off their clothes for money and fame can call yourself a ‘model’ if you insist, but there are other names for it too. You may want to remember about that casting the first stone thing.

So, that’s all I have to say about it.