Pictures are are:

Me before surgery, 20 pounds shy of 300. That’s Jon in the background. A fun day, but I don’t look like this anymore.
Next is me on a sunny day a couple of weeks ago sitting next to the Turtle Pond on campus at UT. Rob and I were having a great lunch date.
Next is me with some friends from Dallas.
Next is me, in my new “medium” gap shirt at Chris and John’s just yesterday at a game night event.
Lastly is the graph that shows my progress along the way. I’m not there yet, but I’m so close!

I wanted to reach a hundred pound weight loss prior to my anniversary date of 1 year. And, I made it. I’m so happy with the progress. There have been times of discouragement, but mostly the scale has been cooperative. There were plenty of flat spots. But, even in those flat spots, people seemed to think I was losing weight. Maybe my body has been adjusting all along the way.

I’m feeling good for the most part! (Although, not at this precise moment of writing, because I just took a bite of chicken that was too big).

I’m still learning about eating differently. I’m trying still to remain conscious about how big a bite I take, and also how fast I eat and thoroughly I chew. This is not as easy as you’d think! I have a lot of years of not thinking about eating to undo.

But there’s been some really good victories to commemorate this year.

  • I no longer have aching knees/joints.
  • I can fit behind the steering wheel
  • I don’t struggle to get into tight spaces
  • People don’t have to pull their chairs in to the point they are turning blue, so I can squeeze by
  • I participated in a 5k
  • I have gone from a 46 inch waist pant, to a 33
  • I have gone from 3x Shirt to a Medium-Large
  • Rob says I look amazing, and that means a lot
  • I feel better about my ability to address my health
  • I can sit in a booth at a restaurant
  • I walk faster and folks don’t have to wait on me (as long).
  • I can board a plane without fear about the seat
  • I can sit in the movie theater next to my friends and not spill over into their space
  • I don’t feel self-conscious walking into rooms full of people
  • I feel younger
  • I feel closer to the person I think God would have me be

So, all of those things mean a lot. But, they aren’t everything of course. There are benefits of course related to appearance and such. But, mostly I’m glad that I just feel better. I am still about 10 to 20 pounds away from my goal. (I debate whether I’ll stop at 170 or 160). But, I’m confident I’ll make it by end of July, beginning of August.

Everyone has been so, so supportive and I just couldn’t ask for better friends or family. I feel so loved, that I’m truly the luckiest person in the world – without regard to size. I hope to see you all soon.