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Mom reminds me today that I need to update my blog. It’s been a little while. We were at dinner last night and looked up into the sky. The one thing that is definitely different between Texas and California is that the Texas skies are certainly dramatic when there’s a thunderstorm moving in. And, we had quite the lightening storm last night.

Rob loves it because he sits on the back porch and watches the sky. He likes to sleep with the windows open, which makes me crazy of course, because it’s still hot and muggy enough to have the air on. I hate the air on, AND the windows open. So wasteful.

Everything is going good here. I’m putting the frosting on a cake, and rob is drinking his press pot coffee. We’re laughing about the time Mom insisted she’d try it even though we tried to disuade her from it. The face she made still sticks in our mind – and makes us laugh.

That was in Mountainview, 1990. Almost 20 years ago! Wow.

Hugs from Texas.