Is Fiat Helping Chrysler–Or Fiat? –

It may be time to say goodbye to another American Brand(s).

Chrysler, and by extension Dodge (no need to mention Chrysler, the last interim trustee of this great American brand killed that portion) is still in decline and has no prospect of ever returning to profitability, let alone greatness.

It seems Fiat has pulled off the greatest Automotive coup since BMW stole Rolls Royce away from VW. With no apparent plans of ever infusing cash into this ailing maker, the billions taxpayers have already invested seem to being squandered. The government essentially ‘gave’ Chrysler to Fiat in hopes that they would invest eventually, and at least initially infuse the company with some small-car product and know-how. But, that seems to be a premature wish.

More likely Fiat is going to raid the company for it’s rear drive platform, i.e. the Chrysler 300 so that they can expand their own offerings. In return? Well – they’ve killed the Nissan/Chrysler venture. They’ve killed the Mercedes truck import initiative. Basically anything promising that could help provide income to develop new products has been starved or cut. So where will the money for new product come from? Here’s my guess. There is no plan for new money and by extension, new product. The Italian plan all along has been to rape Americans for the Taxpayer investment already put forth, which was essentially life support to keep the company viable long enough for Fiat to absorb some of the production capacity for its own Fiat and Alfa lines. Take the platform of the rear wheel drive 300, an excellently engineered drivetrain as it was originally the previous generation e-Class Mercedes Benz, and allowing the Chrysler and Dodge nameplate to wilt. Oh. And, all the American jobs that go with it.

Sure, they may keep Jeep. But only as a brand that might have global recognition and some (tarnished) cache. I suggest this. When those Fiat 500’s roll off the line, if they aren’t badged Chryslers, you spit on em when they drive by. You’ve already pissed away your tax dollars to provide a huge corporate give away to this Italian company – you might as well add some more body fluids.