Gay leaders blame ads, Obama for loss – More politics-

You can’t possibly be stunned that our President hasn’t stood with us in our continued march in this civil rights struggle right? Rather than coming down as a community on President Obama for being disengenious, wouldn’t it be better to look inward in this instance?

President Obama is displaying nothing new. He’s been one hundred percent consistent throughout his campaign and into the coming end of the first year of his first term. Which is – he’s been silent. If you read back through my blogs, you’ll know that I’ve been consistent too. I’ve said, in one form or another, that President Obama is no friend of the Gay community. Granted – and a big granted – he’s not a mortal enemy. He exists somewhere in between. You know. Like that family member that knows you’re gay. Is “ok” with it, but would prefer you weren’t so swishy or you used less “s” when you said “passssth the ssssalt”.

President Obama has never appeared comfortable at any time this topic has come up. He shifts and says, no he’s for marriage remaining between a man and a woman, but he feels our struggle and he wants to support our community. Oh, those analogies of the uncomfortable relative are coming back.

Let’s be clear. The President only came out a few weeks ago to speak about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. And, only when we publicly begin to question why we spend millions supporting candidates like Obama and the democratic party in general when they don’t listen to what our concerns are and the very human rights struggle we view this to be. Kinda like that uncomfortable relative who wishes you wore colors that were more muted but because your successful, doesn’t have a problem calling you occasionally for a loan. Only after do you give him the money does he forget that there’s elements about you he’d rather not acknowledge.

This ladies and gentlemen, and gentle ladies and ladies that are gentleman is the nature of politics. So, what is it about the LGBT community that’s so self deprecating that we can’t see this charade for what it is. Back to the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

With one stroke of a pen, the President could effectively end this policy. As Commander in Chief, he could merely order the military to stop enforcing this policy and spend our war time resources on more productive matters like .. oh – I don’t know – STOPPING THE TALIBAN? Finding Bin Laden, paying for that inevitable troop surge in Afghanistan, pulling out of Iraq, closing Guantanamo – a number of more important endeavors.

But we refuse invitation to a high-profile Democratic fundraiser, and publicly indicate that we’re re-thinking our support – and all of a sudden he’s warm and fuzzy on the topic of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We cheer, he goes back behind the curtain, nothing changes.

Rather than looking outside ourselves at what the problem is, let’s start here. Stop spending gay dollars, and support on wasteful expenditures. Yes, our President represents the lesser of the evils that was offered to us his go around in 2008. And, given the nature of Republican politics with the likes of Newt, Sarah and Rush – we might be faced with similar situation in 2012. But, FOR NOW – WE are supposed to be in charge. We’re the people – remember? Let’s start behaving like it.