Rick Perry: Oil spill may be ‘act of God’ – Jake Sherman – POLITICO.com

Why on earth should we pull the birds from the gulf and wipe them clean when clearly our creator intended them to die a death of suffocation from crude.

I hardly think God’s hand was anywhere near putting a rig off shore and drilling into the earth. Maybe if the proceeds were used for good rather than the continued plunder of our natural resources to line the pockets of the few.

Come on. You do know that Exxon made over 6 Billion dollars last year and paid NO U.S. federal taxes right?

Now, I’m not a proponent of stopping all of off-shore drilling but each state should have the right to determine this for themselves. If California prefers no drilling off their coast, let em. If Governor Rick Perry would embrace the whole Texas coastline be covered in black as homage to the Heavenly Father, that’s the Texas right too. The Federal government should stay out of this issue.