No. For real. Republicans – I’m speaking of Joe Liberman, so for all intense and purposes – Republicans are proposing having the power to strip Americans of their citizenship on the basis of their affiliations or beliefs. Wow.

Well, that’s an end run I didn’t see coming. Actually – I don’t think any ‘sane’ person could have seen that coming. I’m not throwing out the insanity allegation as a quick put-down to someone I disagree with. Really – I call into the question of any of these conservative leaning types who cry for less government, still less government and then come up with all manner of ideas which put the very power of our citizenship in the hands of the government.

Ok. Maybe insane is too generic a term. Maybe full on schizophrenic is more accurate. These inconsistencies which show up among the conservative nay-sayers, make me scratch my head. I think I have a bald spot from all the scratching. Perhaps you can explain it to me? I’d love to hear from you.