So, I guess, Somehow I’m supposed to work up a tear, or sigh an exhale of – isn’t that wonderful that this ‘fairytale’ has a happy ending.

For years this bigot-acting-straight-wanna-be has thrown the community under the bus. Now, he would seek to have us sigh a sigh of relief that he’s now on ‘our side’. But, from the many people I know in my life who have a change of heart, after finding themselves in handcuffs – I’m certain he wouldn’t be the rainbow flag waving supporter he’s attempting to portray himself as if he hadn’t been pulled over and made to pirouette on a straight line.

While I’m happy he’s no longer actively legislating and advocating against human rights – It’s going to take far more than an apology to erase the years of advocacy that has undermined the community he now has the fortune to find himself in and on the receiving end of some of the intolerance that for years he has fostered himself. Like anyone who indicates “I’m sorry”. I’d rather see “action”.

In the famous words of Miss Janet Jackson “What have you done for me . . . lately?”

I understand this politician is ending the his tenure at the end of this legislative session – but I hope he will aspire to a position of true advocacy, rather than taking a retirement and sulking away with the hollow “I’m sorry” still ringing in our ears. I will hold my empathy/sympathy until I see what the Honorable Roy Ashburn does with this new found appreciation for all things humane and born-again fuzzy feeling for the community he’s bashed for years. THEN, I may work up an applause. Holding til then.