Of all the information coming at our President these days, this article might outline the best approach yet. While the Republicans decide whether they want to launch investigations for un-American activities, or whether they want to try and repeal the 14th amendment to repeal birthright citizenship for infants born in the U.S. – perhaps all that should remain in the periphery. Perhaps, the agenda should not be distracted by what’s going on the other side of the isle. The crazy side.

Maybe what our President should do, is what I’ve been advocating since his first day in office which is to be a strong leader with clear direction advocating for sensible reforms regardless of whatever goes on in crazy-ville. The reason we hired the guy was because he sold us on the vision of hope and change. And, to be honest, that hopey changey thing hasn’t been working out so well. Or at least, hasn’t lived up to it’s potential. To prevent a lame duck situation for the second half of his term, he might want to just go balls to the wall (first of course, he’d actually have to grow some) and push forward an agenda that makes sense. And, to hell with those want to label the agenda liberal or middle or even conservative. We’re one America, he ought to lose the labels and do what’s right. In the end, like the cited article suggests, it will be recalled as the Obama era. Not the John Boehner era, or anything else. No body thinks of the Tip O’neill era or even the Newt – what’s his name era.

So I hope he moves forward decisively regardless of what goes on in the rear view mirror.