It’s odd that after just a week after President Obama left Korea with an empty sack that news of South Korea considering asking the U.S. for nuclear weapons to be deployed in their country. Believing the U.S. to be in a poor bargaining position, they’ve offered few concessions in key areas of trade. Thankfully, President Obama passed on their unattractive proposal. Not surprising, RMO Fox (Republican Media Outlet) and others have criticized the President for coming back empty handed. The same outlets that would have derided him if he came back with a treaty which was unbalanced.

Now though, it seems South Korea may want something from us. Nuclear weapons? Really?

When you think of how much the political fall out would be with Russia and China if we tried to reintroduce new weapons in the Korean Penninsula against the idea that our cows and cars are tarriffed among other items and kept out of Korea – I think this idea is a non-starter. At least I hope it is.