It has taken 2 months thus far and the repairs are still in the works. Damn Farmers Insurance. And, curses to Rebreu Body Shop here in Austin. The truck is not restored to what it was – but it’s sufficient. It’s really hard to get the parts for these trucks, so the dash is mangled and the faceplate on the dash is all chipped up, but those were the best parts they could find. Ugh.

Cadillac problems of course when you consider I HAVE a truck to get broken into. So, no loud complaints here, just lots of grumbling. Although, I’ll likely change insurance companies. (Again).

Below is the second phase of the repairs. Sean, at the stereo place is busy as we speak putting the music back in my life.  A Sony Explod receiver/CD/Ipod unit, with Rockford Fosgate Speakers, and what I should have had all along – a Viper alarm system.

So, while spring seems far away on a cold and overcast day like today – it will come again – before we know it. And, I’ll be READY.

Besides, I get to watch “Sean” install it. Sigh. I hope he needs help. 🙂