We went to Whole Foods with our friend Justin Miloro and others to make skin care products. I was intrigued because I always thought skin care products were comprised of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce, let alone anything that could be handled in anything but a sterile, full-body-suit, respirator-mask-wearing environment.

Then it occurred to me. Eww. Why would I put anything on my skin or hair that contained such items that I didn’t know what they even were. I always look at labels when I push my cart up and down the aisle of the grocery store. I’d like to at least be aware of what I’m putting in my body. Granted, I don’t always make the best choices, or sometimes there’s a trade off. This many calories over here, cut back on some over here.

But, what actually goes into the things I put on my body?

The great thing about this day’s events was that I not only learned what can go on my body, but how surprisingly (refreshingly) simple the ingredients can be. We spent the afternoon with the owners of the company and some of our friends, and with mixing bowls and gloves (gloves for the goopy factor, not for the caustic protection factor) we mixed ingredients as simple as brown sugar, orange essence, salt, lavender oils, jojoba butter among others.

Not only was it educational to see what the products are made of, it was fun and very endearing on a personal level. At the end we placed our labels on our products that we created. Not before taking a spoon and tasting our concoctions. I never would think to open a bottle of Acme scrub at home and plop a spoon in for a sample.

The best part is now that I know what goes into the products I pass by the Whole Foods, first-hand, I can purchase with much more confidence. After all, I’ve actually made these products before.

I look forward to visiting the Hugo Naturals headquarters the next time I visit my friend Justin in California. In the meantime, while I’m soaking in my tub and I reach for my brown sugar face polish, I feel reassured (and just a little proud), after all, I “made” that.