After going to see my favorite Sam Houston Sullins, we went down to the Pizza Place famous on South Congress, Home Slice. If I haven’t taken you there on your visit to Austin, remind me. The pizza there is so tasty. Although, really – still the best to date can be found in Sacramento at Zelda’s Pizza on 21st Street.

Some of my Texas friends think I’m blowing smoke. How can anything California be better. Well. Lots of things could. One small thing is Pizza. I was fortunate enough to drag a friend from Texas, Eric Caruthers, on a trip last year and – before he got food poisoning from another establishment – Bernardo’s – he got a chance to sample the Zelda Pizza I always rave about.

One bite and he agreed. There is NOTHING in Austin, close to Zelda’s Pizza. But, we still had fun this night hanging out. Don’t forget to click on the right for my additional pictures found on Flickr. Hugs from Austin.