I love San Francisco. Although, I’ve admittedly never been to New York, I think San Francisco is the most beautiful city in America. It’s at once charming and cosmopolitan. I love the ocean breeze, the sun that peeks through the fog and all the landmarks that make San Francisco unique.

On our trip home for mom’s 75th birthday we stopped first at the Cliff House, where we had pop overs. These delicacies are amazing. They are rolls full of air and seem so light, you could eat a dozen. You could, I couldn’t – but they are THAT delicious.

Looking out over the ocean and seeing people run along the beach with their dogs and the birds circling above Rob and I were amazed at all the natural beauty that was just feet away. Amazing colors of flowers and greenery, some of it growing right out in between rocks. We were pondering, what it was about Texas that was so beautiful anyway?

Certainly Texas has it’s own charm, but I wouldn’t compare it to the natural beauty found in Golden Gate Park and all the surrounding communities of Northern California. And, when our bill came for our popovers, coffee and light bite – I was reminded. The beauty in Texas is found beyond the lazy banks of Lady Bird Johnson Lake, or the hills of West Austin or the charming rows of homes found in Hyde Park – it’s in the cost of living.

Visiting San Francisco is always a treat. I just would never be able to stomach living here at these prices. Sure, salaries are higher, sure, there are offsets. But, I have become an Austin person. It is the first time I’ve come “home” to California, and felt like a tourist.