We had a wonderful evening, again – at the Zilker Park Theatre. We always enjoy gathering under the stars on the hillside and watching a local stage production. This year was Footloose. Initially, I didn’t have the highest hopes because this isn’t my favorite story. But, I have to say – it was well done. Most notable was our friend Leslie who we always cheer the loudest for. And, this year we applauded like no year before. He literally stole the show from the main characters. He’s amazing. His background is ballet but he’s far more than the best dancer on stage. He’s very funny and he always exudes a great energy on stage that he puts into all his characters. It was so fun.

We look forward to going again. Here’s a picture of Aaron of Omaha that was joining us this weekend. We enjoyed meeting him and look forward to enjoying an evening with him, and others again soon.