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Now comes the intense finger pointing. Republicans will say it was the Democratic folks. Democratic folks will blame the GOP. The Tea Party will blame everybody. Birthers will blame Obama, Occupiers will blame Wall Street. This list could go on. But, everyday American’s are completely left out of this equation.

At some point we have to ask though if that’s acceptable. We send representation to congress to be proponents of “us” and what we want. I believe that some of us may scrutinize our candidates before marking the ballots, but certainly not all of us. And, then, once the ballot is cast, the majority of us forget the crucial part of any employer/employee relationship – which is the follow up. Don’t be mistaken. It’s an employee/employer relationship.

These are people we hire (elect = hire) to do a job that we outline. We pay them a fair salary; we even let them be in charge of their own raises. We provide outstanding benefits that include lifetime retirement and full medical. Can you imagine our employers giving us this kind of deal? No, nor can I. What is failed completely in this employer/employee relationship is one of the most critical – the follow up.

Seriously. Can you imagine your employer providing tasks for you to do, giving you all the leeway I just mentioned, all the perks and salary we just discussed and then never ever looking to see if you actually did the work we agreed upon. Never checked to see the progress. Never looked in on you to see if you were even THERE. Hell. No wonder these people run for congress. I want to be a Senator!

It always comes back to us doesn’t it. As the employer, the one who outlines the job, pays for the job but fails to follow up, ultimately has the responsibility for the consequences. Americans really shouldn’t just presumed we’ll get what we pay for. In this instance, we’ve paid plenty. But I think it’s clear that the ‘employees’ have shown that they can’t be trusted to manage themselves. We must check on them and when they aren’t doing a good job – show them the door. I say, NO INCUMBENTS – NO EXCEPTIONS. The members of Congress who are actually doing a good job and aren’t in the pocket of special interests are a minority. Folks like Doris Matsui come to mind. But, maybe with the exception of Doris.. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS J. Vote NO on incumbency.