matter how incensed one becomes at whichever point of view the otherside is portraying, one should remain composed. No where is this more important than the very halls where the largest decisions are debated and ultimately resolved.

Now, I’ll be the first admit my hot-headedness. I’ve even been accused of turning on my heel and showing my hiney as I make my exit. But, then again, I’ve never been in a position of being elected and paid to be a representative. Representation by it’s very nature requires presence in order to be effective.

I’m thinking the people of Wisconsin deserve representation that is present. Present, is good. Come on folks – I know that the ‘other’ side always seems wrong. Always seems pushy. Always seems uncivilized. This is true for whichever side you’re on and which ever side you point to as being the ‘other’ side – but as a flight attendent might say “We ask that you please remain seated”. After all, how can you tackle a problem, if you’re not even there?