some maybe believe that for every right there must be a ‘wrong’, it’s possible that God is infinite enough to allow for more than one view. While I, by my very human nature, am limited in the scope of my beliefs – I’d like to think God has a bigger view, a bigger expanse of experience and infinite more wisdom than I could ever hope to possess.

This notion that God is Bigger than I, gives me hope and creates a space that provides the freedom from having to dominate you with my views. Notice I did not say persuade. Because, while courteous debate with others about the subject of God would always be welcome – nice discourse is rarely possible with those holding a evangelical or extremist view (I’ll refrain from using ‘radical’ because that has a different connotation).

Part of the claim of hypocracy that some may hold against some religions is the finger pointing that they do against other religions saying “see how radical they are? They don’t even allow that we should be allowed to believe what we believe” all the while claiming to hold ‘the’ true form of belief.

What would be the point of holding a belief, if you didn’t think it was the ‘true’ belief? Well, quite frankly there’d be little point. However it’s what you do with your belief or how you empower those around you in form of being a living example is what others (and arguably) God will ultimately judge you for.

How much effort am I going to place on proselytizing you to my way of thinking? I’d like to think the balance would be in favor of the time that I spend helping fellow man, being an example for others, providing light where there is dark, and giving comfort to those who are down. I’m not talking about a personal campaign for sainthood. I’m talking about a world in which each of us works to lift each other up ‘despite’ our difference. True tolerance isn’t the stifling of my genuine opinion of you. It’s an effort on my part to recognize that you are different because of your experiences, your family, your faith, your culture, your hopes, your idiosyncracies, etc. These are the very things that make you who you are. These are the very things which only you have distilled to become the unique concoction you are. It is these that God would have you carry forward to assist others with because there is only one you. No one can take your place or can give what you can give. It makes you irreplaceable, incomparable and precious.

Tree-hugging idealism? Probably. But, the very notion is probably bigger than either of us, and therein lies God.