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The Campaign…

against Massachusetts is being conducted by the most unlikely of adversaries – the very Governor of the State.

Mitt Romney has made clear his aspirations for a Presidential run and in doing so he has drawn a line in the sand with the State on one side, and he on the other.

No where else in America is a political figurehead so divisive in taking extreme stances on issues (not even California) most of the general population falls in the middle or other side of. His views on stem cell research stand to drive money away from prominent research institutions in the state and a biotechnology industry. His insistence on pushing for an amendment to do away with Gay marriage, even though there’s already a proposed amendment initiative illustrates his own marriage to the religious right.

It would appear that nothing short of annihilation of the civil rights and recognition of many of his own constituents doesn’t compliment a strategy of marching to the white house on the shoulders of the radical right.

Mr. Governor, you had such a promising career. You gained national prominence with an outstanding Olympics you spearheaded. You seemed the poster boy for a political career on the rise. Since it’s not likely that you’ll realize you’ve thrown your hat into the wrong ring, perhaps the citizens of the Great State of Massachusetts will see your loyalties lay elsewhere before you pack up your presidential-seeking bags and leave them holding the bag.