It hasn’t happened yet…

Since Massachusettes has legalized Gay marriage over a year ago – nothing’s happened. Well. Not exactly nothing. Over 6100 couples have said their nuptuals, their I do’s, their til death-do-us-parts and beyond that – nothing.

And I’ve been waiting. For something.

There’s been no ground rumbling, indicating a iminent gaping hole in the earth to open up and swallow the state whole. And, I’ve been searching the national weather channel to see if there’s any evidence that severe lightening strikes will smite the state to smithereens. Nope. Not even a hurricane, earthquake, or tornado.

I guess that could mean that the doomsayers might have mis-called this one. I don’t know that straight couples have left thier matrimonial partnership enmass because the meaning of their original commitments no longer exist. I don’t know that the meaning of marriage is any less than it was over a year ago. Perhaps these are questions for long term study.

Or, maybe – some Americans have been bamboozled into the many and sometimes outrageous arguments of anti-love proponents who have convinced us of some the afforementioned horrors.

Now today the Massachusettes state legislature has passed, by a wide margin, to not move forward on the constitutional amendment that would bar marriage in favor of civil unions. Still, Mitt-President-Wannabe-Declare-War-On-His-Own-State-Residents Romney is pushing for an amendment that goes a step further to prevent civil unions or marriage.

Governor. Get a life. Get a clue. Get a realistic ambition. You’re not going to be President. You’re not even likely to sway your state towards hate. Perhaps you should just call it a day, call it a career, and move on. Buh-Bye.