Here I am..

Tuesday, 11:40am Texas Time Houston… Hanging out in Houston on a three hour lay-over waiting for a puddle jumper size plane to go to Texarkana, Arkansas. It’s seems strange to fly into there, but I guess it’s the only place where rental cars were available. From there it will be a six hour drive to Baton Rouge. It may take a little while longer because we’re caravanning (8 of us in separate cars) and we have smokers in our group who said, max two hours before a stop is necessary. In our group we have Jerry, Brad, Manny, Michael, Myself, Jo Jo and another guy I can’t remember his name. I just ate some tex-mex and I’ll propose a game of cards since we have some time to kill, or maybe I’ll go over to the glamourous airport media store and get a book.