Get to Baton Rouge….

This may sound like a simple assignment but.. remember, there are several of us, and unfortunately people in mass, treading into unknowns are not always happy cooperative people. We had our first falling out before we really even got started. Folks late for departure, heading the wrong direction. We ended up inside Arkansas by about 20+minutes. Someone thank goodness had the wherewithall to mention to our self-appointed leader that the Gulf of Mexico is “south” and clearly the directions on the highway signs we’re all reading.. north.

But eventually we managed to get to the Operations Center in Baton Rouge in what was estimated to take 7 hours in just 10.5 hours. We met our operations manager and then were given our assignments. I would be in Gretna, which is just East of New Orleans. East of New Orleans? Aren’t we in Baton Rouge? And isn’t that some distance away? Don’t worry. Get in the rental Camry and get to your sleeping quarters in Carville Louisiana. Just another 50 miles. Blech.