Today was busy! But, not as much as yesterday. Before I begin, above is just a random photo of my new friend Heather’s parallel parking. I couldn’t believe how much space she leaves between cars, so I documented here so she could see how much it really was.

I met, as usual, many interesting people today. There was a woman who had had a stroke who I worked with to put together her application. It took her a very long time to remember the smallest details. I tried to be patient, since she reminded me so much of Mom and she just kept apologizing over and over since she couldn’t remember anything.

In the end, I felt so bad, because she’d been sleeping in her car. She’s 60 and has had a stroke, and that just seemed so awful! She told me when she was growing up, and the hurricanes were coming her Mom taught her to prepare for a hurricane by going around the house to all the dressers and pull all the bottom drawers, in case the water got that high.

She said she had lived in the house since 1954 and had marked the dresser with each level of the various hurricanes over the years, Juan, Camille, all of them. This was the first one that ever covered the whole dresser. The poor thing has all her furniture in the front yard. I asked her if she was drying it out, if it was salvagable. She said no. And, I asked her why she was keeping it. She said in case the adjuster wants to see it. I assured her if she took pictures of the damage she could move on with the cleaning.. but her insurance adjuster said he might be able to get to her after Thanksgiving and she’s determined to keep every stitch, in case he wants to see anything.

We saw more people yesterday than any day before. I honestly thought, it would slow down, but it seems like folks just keep coming. I hope everyone gets help soon. I’d rather come home early from lack of work, than see all these crowds every day.

I’m doing well. Eating too much. I hope you all are well!