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This car is right next to wear I work, so I pass it everyday. They just moved the billboard off with a crane, so now just the crushed car sits.

I messed up my sleep by taking a nap that went too long, but now I’m up writing. I met some folks today. Including a sad couple who came in. The woman was crying because FEMA won’t give her a trailer to live in or any financial assistance. Most of the folks here have received about 4,300 in aid (cash) and then some are on lists to receive trailers, etc.

I guess you have to have ‘evacuated’ to receive the money. Because she didnt’ evacuate they said she couldn’t have assistance. The reason she didn’t leave was because her husband (he was with her in a wheel chair) was being amputated the day of the hurricane because of his diabetes. She remained with him for the procedure and because the hospital was locked down right after that by the National Guard.. they had to stay in the room, with rationed food and people trying to break in for like 2+ weeks! But, I guess because she didn’t ‘flee’ she doesn’t get assistance.

I’m not sure why some folks seem to get assistance while others are left without. It doesn’t seem fair. But, I may write the congressman of New Orleans myself on this one. I hope she gets some help.

I’m doing alright. I had a day off yesterday, that was great. I did nothing, but I was pretty tired. So, I was giving myself a hard time for not doing tons of things but it was nice to do nothing!

I hope you are all well. I’m doing ok too! See you all soon.