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Hello. I’m going to give you the address of where you can reach me currently. I had a couple of requests for the address:

Christopher Solis, U.S. SBA
C/O Hampton Inn and Suites
1201 Convention Center Boulevard
New Orleans, LA 70130

I’m enjoying some time to do my laundry and such. I haven’t really done much today except catch up on phone calls and stuff. The picture above is of a highway outside of New Orleans, headed south towards the Gulf. It’s a large ship in the road. One that was washed in and stayed. There’s quite a few of these around, including one lady that came into the Center as a shrimper. She is still living in hers, even though it’s in someone elses front yard, and upside down.
All has been well. We’re keeping a brisk pace at the Center.

It has not slowed down at all! I’m surprised actually. I went to a meeting last night and what a great move that was. I hadn’t realized how emotionally exhaused I’ve been so it gave me a chance to cry, get over some of myself, and move forward. Isn’t it great that meetings do that for us sometimes?

I met some great folks this weekend. A nice couple who had a church that was for youth in the poorest part of New Orleans. They’d worked for many years to build their church and we had to pause multiple times as we went through their list of things destroyed because they hadn’t really taken the time to think of the little things. They cried about their Organ and musical instruments and all the books and bibles. It was sad and I hope the very best for them.

Some of you mentioned you’d like to send pamphlets and literature for the AA meetings here. I’d be happy to be your Sacramento Ambassador and take those to the Lamda Center where I’m currently going to meetings or to the Central Office, such as it is here in New Orleans. They have some books, but no literature/brochures at all. So, if you’d like to send those, do so soon since I have no clear departure date.

I hope to see you all soon and hope you are all doing well. I’m sure I’ll be home before we all know it and I’ll see you then!