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I’m leaving New Orleans. Yikes! I loved my stay here but the job is mobile, therefore, so am I!

I’m headed out tomorrow afternoon to a new location called Grand Lake Louisiana. Ever heard of it? Me neither. But, don’t feel bad. Nearly all of the locals I’ved talked to here haven’t EITHER!.. is that scary or what?

I’m sure I’ll be fine and will find some semblance of civilization. While the folks I’ve helped here were hit by Katrina, the folks there in Grand Lake were hit by Rita. I guess it’s near Beaumont Texas and was hit pretty hard.

The picture above was in Louisiana and was only ONE of MANY bizarre images you come across. My time here in New Orleans has been awe inspiring. I can’t even convey to you the degree of damage everywhere you go, but particularly in the Ninth Ward, East New Orleans, and Lakeview. It’s tremendously sad and awful.

But, I’m sure I’ll find new adventures ahead with new people who will be as equally inspiring with their stories. I’m going to be staying in a tent again, at least for a short bit, so maybe my next update will be in a while. But, I’m still reachable by phone! 916-284-6490. Call me and leave a msg. If I can’t pick it up immediately, I’ll pick it up when I can.

I love and miss you all. And, I’m sure we’ll see eachother again, real soon!