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I’m here in Grand Lake Louisiana and the damage here is from Hurricane Rita and not Katrina. So, the damage has been very very different. A lot more wind and tornado type damage than just flooding.

So people have arrived and said that their belongings have been blown all over. One man today was just happy his new recliner fell into the house of someone down the road who recognized it as his. Another woman this morning said she always wanted a riding lawn mower. She now has one that landed in her yard, keys and all and it started right up. She hopes one of her neighbors comes forward and claims it though.

The damage is widespread and it’s hard to imagine the community managing to come together, but it’s nice to see everyone here is very neighborly and community oriented.

Here’s a picture of one of the neighborhoods in Louisiana. I wrote in an earlier blog that I had driven 100 miles and saw nothing but this. Imagine that! It’s incredible.

I’m doing well. I’m severly disappointed of course that I won’t be able to attend the River City Round Up in Sacramento. Everyone worked so hard on it all year long, it would have been nice to see that it would have all come together. I’m sure everyone will have the best time! I hope they do.

Take care and we’ll catch up with y’all soon.