I’m hanging in the Center today. It’s somewhat slow, although it was busier this morning. I had some really challenging folks. One poor couple lost most of their belongings but the worst part is that much of what remains is on an island. They used to have a ferry that would shuttle them back and forth but the ferry was destroyed in the hurricane and the community is not replacing it, which, without a bridge makes their property near worthless. They were very very angry.. we had to time-out several times!

The above picture is one of many scenes in the Parish. There piles of things everywhere including lots of booze bottles. Teams of searchers come through and pile things up to document the homes chemical and debris content. It smells sometimes and there are LOTS of flys and mosquitos too.

I’m in the country now, far away from the city of New Orleans. Some have asked if I’ve seen any Crocodiles. Oh sure, they’re right on the side of the road (let’s hope I don’t get a flat tire!)

All is well. I went to New Orleans last weekend to deliver a donation of literature from Sacramento’s North Hall group and also, from St. Louis’s Lamda Center. The folks in New Orleans at the Lamda Center thank you for your generous gift! As I may have told you on the phone, there are a higher number than usual new comers to the AA program so your donation came at the right time!

I’m going to Houston next weekend to spend time with friends in the fellowship and hang out for a night. It’s the weekend of the River City Round Up and I’m so disappointed that I won’t be able to attend, at least I’ll have the diversion of attending Houston dinner function.

I hope you are all well. I just put some new photos up on my flickr site. If you click on the picture above, it should link you there and you can see some of them. Be well and we’ll catch you soon!