Hello. I’m in Grand Lake today, in Cameron Parish. They call them Parish’s down here rather than counties. And the photo above is a picture of the Cameron High School Auditorium. It’s very creepy in there! The day I was there it was very quiet but there was a breeze that was blowing all the wires and hanging fixtures around that clank against each other. Very spooky.

I’ve had several folks today who have it bad. One lady who is just the nicest person! And she broke my heart when she told me she hopes she gets housing assistance soon. She and her two children are living in a horse trailer. Her son is autistic and she had to ask for a second application because he’s on a kick where he tears everything up into perfectly shaped squares and did it with her application!

She felt bad, but it wasn’t her fault.

I’m doing well. It’s a rough day — I made a couple of mistakes and my current boss doesn’t let even the smallest one slide. It’s one of those days where I ask if it’s worth being here.. but .. of course it is! Crossed Ts and dotted I’s are not that big a deal. I can get over that!

Be well, we’ll see you all soon.