Gaters in the Sun
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MMmm MMmm Mmmph.

I had a very good lunch today. I was having a difficult day the other day when I was working with a client.. and I let out a sigh. Miss Lillian asked me if I was ok, and I said I was thanks. She said “Oh. Don’t lie to Miss Lillian. I can tell. You need a big bowl of coon-ass food. You have any lately?” I confessed I hadn’t. She said. “I’ll bring you some”.

That was the day before yesterday, and I had forgotten about it. But she came by today with enough chicken gumbo with okra and potato salad to feed the whole center! It was so tasty too. God Bless Miss Lillian! I feel better 🙂

The picture above is a gator hanging out on the banks of the canal here in Cameron Parish Louisiana. If you look close you can see the smaller one in the water. He scampered back into the canal when this picture was taken. A local told us to be careful. (Duh-Hello! This was snapped with the zoom lens! We’re yankees sure, but NOT dumb enough to walk right up on em). He said the big one just hangs out and the smaller ones run because the smaller gaters think you’re looking at them as food. The bigger ones don’t run. They hang out to see if you’ll come any closer because they’re looking at YOU as food.

Thanks for the advice!